Medical Consultation & Tourism Company In Bangladesh

Awwa International Bangladesh brings you a groundbreaking approach to healthcare. As a premier medical consultation and tourism company in Bangladesh, we’re reshaping how people access expert medical care and support. With a team of skilled professionals, we’re committed to simplifying your healthcare journey. Experience remote appointments with seasoned doctors across top-notch hospitals in India and other sought-after destinations.

How we work

Avoid the hassle of travel and long waits. Through our platform, easily book online appointments with renowned doctors. Our process is straightforward: share past medical reports via WhatsApp or email for tailored advice. Quality healthcare matters and our service comes at a nominal fee.

Navigating medical travel, especially visa procurement, can be complex. Here’s where we shine: receive complimentary appointment letters from renowned specialists in esteemed hospitals spanning India, UAE, and Turkey. These letters not only add credibility but also ease medical visa applications for you and your companions.

Your convenience is paramount. Share your ticket on WhatsApp, and enjoy free airport-to-hospital pick-up service. No stress, no confusion – just a smooth transition to quality care. We work with the moto of “The responsibility”

Communication is vital, especially in medical discussions. Our Bengali-speaking guide assists at no extra cost. Bridging language gaps, they ensure effective conversations with doctors and aid in various tasks.

Comfort matters too. Our complimentary hotel booking services align with your preferences and budget, guaranteeing a pleasant stay during your medical consultation & tourism experience.

For those seeking specialized oncology care, we proudly arrange appointments with retired oncologist doctors from Tata Memorial Hospital. Tailored attention and care await you.

At our core, we’re committed to ensuring seamless, supportive healthcare encounters. Transparency, clear communication, and patient-centeredness drive us. Partner with us to realize your journey towards health. Welcome to Awwa International Bangladesh – the best medical consultation and tourism company in Bangladesh.