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Awwa International

We import Dietary supplements, Nutrition Supplements, Dermato cosmetics, and some other products on the demand of customers. We also Distributor and market the whole products that we import.

Our Services

Tourism & Consultancy

Offering remote online appointments with experienced doctors in various states and prestigious hospitals across India, without the need for physical travel. Appointments may incur charges, and interested individuals are required to share their previous medical reports in PDF format through WhatsApp or email. We also provide complimentary appointment letters from renowned specialists in reputable hospitals spanning multiple countries, including India, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, and Turkey. These appointment letters are intended to support patients and their associates in obtaining medical visas. For the convenience of patients, we offer free airport-to-hospital pick-up services upon sharing the ticket copy through WhatsApp. As part of our commitment to providing personalized assistance, a Bengali-speaking guide is available at no additional cost to facilitate conversations with doctors and assist with various tasks. Additionally, we offer complimentary hotel booking services tailored to suit your preferences and budget. Moreover, we are pleased to facilitate appointments with retired oncologist doctors from Tata Memorial Hospital, catering to the specific needs of patients seeking specialized oncology care. Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and supportive healthcare experience for all our clients.

Import & Distributor

We specialize in the importation and distribution of a wide range of high-quality products, including dietary supplements, nutrition supplements, dermato-cosmetic items, and various other in-demand products, catering to the specific requirements of our valued customers. Additionally, our company takes pride in effectively marketing and distributing the entire range of imported products to reach a broader clientele. Our commitment to sourcing and delivering premium products ensures that our customers receive the best possible solutions for their health and wellness needs.