Medical Consultation & Tourism Company In Bangladesh


Awwa International Bangladesh brings you a groundbreaking approach to healthcare. As a premier medical consultation and tourism company in Bangladesh, we’re reshaping how people access expert medical care and support. With a team of skilled professionals, we’re committed to simplifying your healthcare journey. Experience remote appointments with seasoned doctors across top-notch hospitals in India and […]

Indian Doctors Appointment From Bangladesh


Recently the global healthcare landscape witnessed a rise in medical tourism. Patients are seeking specialized treatments and expert medical opinions across borders. Awwa International Bangladesh, a pioneering medical facilitator, emerged as a beacon of hope for Bangladeshi citizens seeking medical services from renowned Indian hospitals. Their services include free doctor appointments, medical tour guidance, and […]

Awwa sure DHA Syrup price in Bangladesh

Awwa sure DHA Syrup price in bangladesh

Navigating AWWA SURE DHA Syrup Price in Bangladesh: A Comprehensive OverviewAWWA SURE DHA syrup has gained attention for its potential cognitive health benefits. In Bangladesh, understanding the dynamics of AWWA SURE DHA syrup pricing is crucial for both consumers and health enthusiasts. This article delves into the multifaceted aspects that influence the price of AWWA […]