Awwa Sure Immunomax price in Bangladesh

AWWA SURE Is a BRAND of Nutritional Supplement in Bangladesh.

Immunity is a very important thing for survival and health, which we collect daily from different types of food. Some of the essential ingredients that boost our immune system and keep us healthy and it is not possible for us to collect it on our daily base.
Most of the nutrients that help boost our immune system, among them, L-arginine, L-glutamine and collagen are important.
AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX is for people who are nutritionally deficient or bedridden. The specialty of our product is that any person above 4 years of age can consume our product by orally and by tube feeding. In fact, according to ESPEN and ASPEN Guidelines, no meal should be taken below 200 kcal for human beings. AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX is designed with L-arginine, L-glutamine, branched chain amino acid, medium chain triglyceride, collagen peptide and whey protein. As one of the features, the formula is completely sugar-free, fibre-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and trans-fat-free. It is completely safe for diabetic patients as it is made according to a low glycemic index. All those people who want to increase their weight, want to boost their immune system, they can take our products Orally. Also, people who are conscious or unconscious in ICU and CCU, who have undergone cardiovascular surgery and cancer surgery can take meals with AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX. People under pre- or post-surgery and people with Tuberculosis (TB) also can take the meal with AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX to recover.
A full container contains 400 wheat powder, and one container provides 1854 kcal, in each dose, 4 scoops should be taken with 200 ml warm water, and from that 240 ml 278 kcal can be obtained.


  1. Oral & Tube Feeding: AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX proves invaluable in facilitating oral and tube feeding, ensuring seamless delivery of essential nutrients to individuals with diverse dietary and nutritional requirements.
  2. Weight Gain & Immune System Enhancement: Beyond mere sustenance, this food supplement is revered for its ability to catalyze weight gain while bolstering the immune system, fostering resilience against external threats.
  3. Critical Care & ICU Support: In the realm of critical care and intensive care unit (ICU) settings, AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX emerges as a lifeline, offering vital nutritional support to patients navigating through challenging health conditions.
  4. Pre & Post Surgery Support: Both pre- and post-surgery phases demand meticulous attention to nutritional needs. AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX steps up to the plate, aiding in the preparation and recovery processes with its enriching formula.
  5. Combatting Tuberculosis: Tuberculosis, a persistent health concern, requires comprehensive intervention. With its immune-boosting properties, AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX complements conventional treatments, fostering a fortified defense against this infectious disease.
  6. Supporting Cancer & Cardiovascular Surgery Recovery: The journey through cancer and cardiovascular surgeries necessitates robust support systems. AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX plays a pivotal role in this regard, aiding in the recuperative journey with its nourishing composition.

Navigating the Pricing Landscape in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, accessibility to quality healthcare products at affordable prices remains a cornerstone of societal well-being. AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX, cognizant of this ethos, strives to maintain a balance between efficacy and affordability. AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX price in bd is 2640 bdt.

In Conclusion,

AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX emerges as a beacon of hope in the realm of healthcare, offering a comprehensive solution to diverse health needs. With its myriad benefits spanning oral feeding, weight gain, immune system enhancement, critical care support, and beyond, this Food Supplement stands tall as a testament to innovation and efficacy. Moreover, its commitment to affordability ensures that individuals across Bangladesh can embark on a journey towards wellness without financial constraints.

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, let AWWA SURE IMMUNOMAX serve as a steadfast companion, illuminating the path towards a healthier tomorrow for all